Targeted Agents

Our drug candidates inhibit the oncology targets BTK, RAF dimer and PARP, and have demonstrated early activity and favorable safety profiles.


Our lead immuno-oncology drug candidate inhibits the target PD-1, and is currently in global pivotal studies.


Our cancer biology platform allows us to evaluate and develop rational combinations of immuno-oncology and targeted cancer therapies.

Cancer Biology Platform

Our cancer biology platform addresses the importance of tumor-immune system interactions and the value of primary tumor biopsies in developing new cancer models. Our proximity to leading cancer centers in Beijing and close relationships with clinicians have allowed us to develop an extensive collection of in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro models, enabling our research team to better select targets, screen and evaluate therapeutic agents we believe have significant potential alone or in combination to be best- or first-in-class treatments for a variety of cancers.

Global Focus, Global Impact

We have a global team of 1,300 individuals, including scientists and clinicians, with deep scientific talent, extensive pharmaceutical experience, and a commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients around the world.