Working at BeiGene

At BeiGene, we are passionate about our people and our science. We are working hard to bring meaningful new cancer treatments to patients globally and are continually inspired by our highly talented team of researchers and professionals who share in this common goal. Together, we have accomplished a lot—successfully advancing several targeted therapies and an immuno-oncology agent into the clinic.

This is an exciting time in biotechnology, particularly in the cancer therapeutics field where we believe we can make a real impact. If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer, we invite you to explore our current Job Opportunities.

Hear from Our Passionate and Highly Motivated Team

Lusong Luo, Ph.D., Head of Discovery Biology

Upon returning to China I found it very easy to settle in at BeiGene as it shares so many characteristics with an international pharmaceutical or biotech company that I am familiar with: a world-class R&D platform, a driven team who are all passionate about delivering novel therapies to patients, and an ethos to succeed and grow as a company.

Lusong Luo, Ph.D.

Head of Discovery Biology

The encouraging and friendly atmosphere here at BeiGene is what really makes it such a great place to work. Our culture promotes a flat structure where everyone is given the opportunity to develop and share their thoughts – it is a true meritocracy where there is nothing holding back anyone’s full potential, and as a combined team it is what enables us to continue conducting exciting science and bringing new hope globally to patients in their fight against cancer.

Jing Fu

Clinical Project Manager

Beigene Scientist

BeiGene brings together scientists from all over the world and encourages everyone to contribute their own novel and innovative ideas. This science-driven culture is what attracted me to join BeiGene and it’s what really makes me enjoy working here. I feel that every little part of the work we do brings our products closer to helping the patients.

Tristan Tang, Ph.D.

Research Manager