James Song, Ph.D

James Song, Ph.D.

Head of Biometry

  • Twenty years of academic and industry experience in biostatistics
  • Former Director of Biostatistics, Eisai
  • Former Statistical Leader, Roche
  • Former Associate Director of Biostatistics, Bayer
  • Former Instructor, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Ph.D. in Biometry from University of Texas, School of Public Health in Houston
Alice Tian, M.D., Ph.D, DABT., Senior Director of Non-Clinical Development

Alice Tian, M.D., Ph.D, DABT.

Head of Non-Clinical Development

  • Former Vice President of Drug Development at BL Pharmaceuticals
  • Deputy of Facility Manager at JOINN Laboratories
  • Study Director at MPI Research
  • Study Director and PCR Lab Supervisor at Southern Research Institute
  • Post-Doctoral, Hypertension Program of UAB
  • Ph.D., College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia
  • M.S. Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • M.D. Beijing Medical College
Lai Wang, Ph.D. Head of Discovery Biomarkers & In Vivo Pharmacology

Lai Wang, Ph.D.

Head of China Development

  • Former Director of Research at Joyant Pharmaceuticals, where he led a multidisciplinary team working on preclinical oncology programs
  • Post-doc with Xiaodong Wang at Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Ph.D. from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • B.S. from Fudan University in 1996