Our Core Beliefs

At BeiGene, we are passionate about our people, science, and creating a lasting impact. These priorities are of utmost importance to our organization. We strive to build a global organization recognized for its impact in cancer research and drug development, talented people, and business ethics. We believe in the power of creativity, innovative science, logic-based problem solving, and interdisciplinary teamwork, which are all key fundamentals to successful research. Our organization is agile and fosters a flexible, collaborative, and entrepreneurial culture that empowers our passionate employees with the resources needed to fight cancer.

In our view, oncology treatment has entered an era of revolutionary change driven by breakthroughs in gene sequencing, tumor characterization and the development of immuno-oncology drugs. At BeiGene, we see the future of cancer therapy as one involving combinations of molecularly targeted and immuno-oncology drugs, tailored to particular tumor sub-groups.

We believe our science-driven, cooperative and non-hierarchical culture is a key strength of our organization and will continue to be instrumental to our success. We intend to maintain our patient-focused and research-driven culture as we discover and develop new drugs in our unserved local market and the rest of the world.